Couples Intensives

A Couples Intensive is an opportunity to do an in-depth transformation of your relationship. This work shows you how to move from fear to love. Options include Half-Day, One-Day or Two-Day Intensives. We can discuss the best option for you when you contact me.

When is a Couples Intensive the Best Plan for Us?

  • You are getting married and you want the benefit of premarital counseling.
  • It is difficult for you to schedule weekly appointments.
  • Your relationship is in crisis.
  • You know you would benefit from longer sessions to repair your relationship.

A Couples Intensive is made up of a series of dialogs designed to move your relationship from distancing and division to understanding and connection. It is profound, life-changing experience for your relationship. An ideal Couples Intensive is a Two-Day Private Session. If that does not “fit” for you as a couple, or for your schedule, the elements of that Two-Day Intensive can be broken into several segments.

What if We Are Getting Married and We Want Premarital Counseling?

Pre-Marital Intensives
A wonderful way to prepare yourselves for the beautiful and significant commitment of marriage is to participate in a One or Two-day Intensive, where you will:

  • Share your biggest, wildest relationship dreams
  • Identify areas of struggle, and untangle those knots NOW!
  • Learn the skills you will need to keep your relationship loving, alive,         passionate and harmonious
  • Gain practical tools to dissolve conflict
  • Learn to stay connected through your essential and authentic selves, to remain close and caring friends to each other in your marriage.

Contact Doreen Van Leeuwen at 951-847-7742  for information and registration.

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