Couples Group Therapy

group therapyCouples Imago Group Therapy is a wonderful way to experience the power of Imago Therapy, with other couples for support.

Join with other couples who are looking to create a conscious and healthy relationship. Being with others who are on the same relationship journey as you are, allows for deep compassion and understanding, and the gift of witnessing your own struggles in others.

I promise you are not alone, as relationship difficulties are a part of every relationship. IRT teaches you what to do when these issues become painful, and when you feel disconnected from your partner.

When is Couples Imago Group Therapy a Good Plan for Us

  • You want to enrich a good relationship
  • You want to implement what you learned at an Imago Workshop
  • As a complement to your couples therapy
  • As a way to continue growth, once your couples therapy sessions are complete
  • You want or need a post-therapy relationship tune

From Participating You Can Expect…

  • Greater compassion and understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Awareness of how to use the relationship issues for growth and healing
  • Knowledge of the unconscious agenda and purpose of your relationship
  • New communication skills which break destructive cycles of relating
  • Tools for re-romanticizing your relationship

WHEN: Friday Evenings
TIME: 7pm – 9pm
COST: $400.00/couple (for 4 weeks)

Contact Doreen Van Leeuwen at 951-847-7742  for information and registration.


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